Sorrells, Crystal Principal
Carrington, Sylvester Assistant Principal

7th Grade, Reading & Social Studies Resources 6th/Language Arts
Arnwine, Kyone 6th & 8th /Social Studies
Atchley, Perry 8th Grade Math
Aycock, Lora 6th Grade Science
Born, Dale Technology Facilitator
Corkran, Tiffany 8th Grade Science
EDWARDS, ROXANNA Vocal Music Teacher
Goad, Anthony 7th/Science
Hamilton, Brittany Curriculum Coach
Hinkley, Barbara 6th grade Social Studies
Koch, Nick PE/Wellness
Nieves, Evelyn Spanish
Pritchard, Caitlin 7th/Language Arts
Read Alongs, ESOL ESOL
Scott, Suzanne
Seay, Sara Librarian
Swoffard, C. 8th/Science
Thornton, Julie Exceptional Education
Varner, Kevin Career and Technical Education
Wages, Danny 6th/Science
Watson, Kelcey 6th/Math
Wheat, Sheree 6th Grade Reading
Williamson, Chris Visual Art 6-8

Ammons, Clarissa Bookkeeper
BRASSEL, MELISSA School Counselor
Brown, Mkiwa Family Partnership Specialist
Edwards, Leanne School Psychologist
Everly, Susie Resident (Mr. Goad's room)
McCoy, Torie Tyner Middle
Miller, Sara Exceptional Education/Speech and Language Pathologist
Powell, David Tyner Middle
Rice, Carole
Roberts, Lennel School Secretary